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Interview with Fiona, by David Garcia (Feb, 2005)

Firstly I would like to thank you for kindly giving up some of your time to answer these questions. It is an honour for me to be able to interview you, above all because I have been a fan of yours since the beginning of your artistic career in the mid eighties. Perhaps you have answered some of these questions endless times but some information will not be known to your fans outside the United States and will no doubt be highly valuable to them.

The information that exists about the role that 'Dixie Dregs' played at the beginning of your musical career is somewhat vague. What is the exact story?.

I did a paid demo in Atlanta with Eddie Offord and they were the players. I think Steve Morse did the arrangements. Wow. They were so good. They let me sing one or two of the songs we recorded at one of their live shows in Long Island. I bumped into Rod alot later in life when he was in Winger. What a nice guy.

Were you aware of everything that was beginning to happen in your life at that moment?.


The rerelease of your first two albums by Wounded Bird Records has met with a great deal of joy among rock lovers who hadn't been able to get hold of these titles for a long time. How do you feel on seeing that after so many years this interest in your work exists?.

I'm glad to get the CDs myself.

I have been able to see about the great energy and communication that you share with the audience when you are singing. If you could go back in time, which concert would you like to live again?.

I can only really remember the show at the Ritz in NYC because I have a video of it. That was fun and I loved the Ritz. I don't think it's there anymore.

Each one of your records has its own identity, without abandoning its roots. I know it's difficult to say, but which of them do you feel most satisfied with overall?.

It is too difficult to say. I like certain songs and performances on each one. As time goes by I hear and enjoy (or laugh at) different things when I listen.

As well as being an excellent album, Beyond the Pale is the most peculiar of all your works. I once read that you described it as premature. In what sense did you mean this?.

I wasn't ready to go in and record. It would have been better to stay on the road and write more songs and spend more time in rehearsal with the new material but I ended up marrying the producer so I guess I was ready for something.

We have been able to see you as an actress, in cinema and television. Would you be interested in doing this type of work again?.

I don't see that happening.

What memories do you have of the experience of having worked with a living legend such as Bob Dylan?.

Those are stories I tell at dinner parties. Woo Woo! It was busy and surreal.

You have always proved yourself to be a great songwriter, of songs both for your own albums and collaborations with other artists. As a singer do you prefer to perform your own songs?.

As a singer I enjoy singing. It doesn't make a difference who wrote the song.

You have often been found participating on other musicians' records, and we know that you share a great friendship with many of them. In 2003 we were lucky enough to be able to find a new track on one of Jack Ponti's albums where he dedicates you a beautiful message of thanks. This was a private recording, a real gem for those who have eagerly searched for your voice for years. Do you keep this type of unreleased recordings that any fan of Fiona's would die for?.

This is the first I've heard of Jack's record. I'll have to see if I can find a copy. I went to his studio in NJ and worked with him. He was a funny guy. Very kind to me. I met Gunnar and Matt Nelson and some of the the guys who eventually formed Skid Row at his place. I think Dave played on one of the demos we made. I remember watching him play guitar. I'm not sure. I remember meeting Rachel, too, but that wasn't his name and he had no chain from his nose to his ear. I hadn't thought about that until I read your question.

We have heard that you are currently performing in clubs. What repertoire would we hear in one of Fiona's concerts today?.

We played some of my old songs and a Queen song and a Billy Squier song. It was wild. We rocked.

If the day comes when you decide to record again, would we be faced with the Fiona that we are used to, or on the contrary, would you surprise us with new musical concepts?.

I love to sing live with just an acoustic guitar. Reb Beach played for me once in LA-what a crazy guy. I love him so much as a player and a person. He is so funny. The guitar player I did that the most live acoustic shows with was Craig Stull, also a master. Regarding recording, I up for anything and everything.

You have always surrounded yourself with first rate musicians whose names and quality are widely recognized. Could you name any musician that you would like to try something new with?.

I like to play with Laura McDonald. She is my dear friend so it's more than music, it's a reason to spend time together like men when they play golf I guess. I also love to play with Gina Stile.

To give us some idea of your current musical tastes, what is the last record you have bought or are listening to?.

For Christmas I bought the Love Actually Movie Soundtrack.

Have you ever been to Spain?.

My first cousin is Garrett Wall, lives in Spain. I hope to visit him there someday.

Do you fancy the idea of doing something in Europe?.

That would be a dream come true.

Can you tell us anything about your projects?.

I'm hoping to play live and to take piano lessons. I have a husband and two very young children so the older they get (the kids, not the husband) the easier it will be for me to actually get out of the house.

Just to finish, let us have a bit of hope for the future; will Fiona form an active part of 21st century musical history?.

If it's up to you I will!.

Once again, many thanks for your kindness and please accept the warmest wishes from thousands of people who wish you from the heart all the very best in all aspects of your life: personally, and as a professional of the music world.

You are such a nut! Thanks for the interest. I enjoyed thinking about these things.