Interview with Fiona, by Enrique Luque de Gregorio (Mar, 2012)

The first question is required. What have you been doing in the last twenty years, Fiona? Why have you chosen this time for your return?

Same thing everyone else has been doing. Just messing about, loving, having children, working, reading, traveling. Without sounding too silly, it chose me. Robin Beck made me an “offer I couldn’t refuse…” It made sense. It was timing.

Many people think that ‘Heart Like a Gun’ was your best classic album in terms of compositions and production. Do you agree?

I don’t know. I am unsure of how to comment on my own work. I feel differently about it at different times in my life. I enjoyed making it and when I listen I remember where I was and how I felt while I was singing. I also remember writing the songs and all the people so it’s a different experience in my brain than just listening to songs.

Do you think this record maybe not received all necessary support to triumph mostly?

‘Heart Like a Gun’? At the time I was dissapointed because I needed more sales to continue to have support at the label. Atlantic was very good to me. I have nothing bad to say, just business takes over at some point!

What you remember about your next recording, ‘Squeeze’?

I remember everything. I remember the first time I saw Marc Tanner, and Jimmy and Dave. I was happy to work with Laura. I was sad to say goodbye to Nate Winger. I remember driving a lot on the 101 freeway and feeling confused about what was happening in my marriage to Beau. I’m not sure if these are the musical answers but I’m a female first. I remember people and feelings. The songwriting was fairly smooth. I didn’t hang around for the basic tracks after we rehearsed. I felt comfortable. I enjoyed working with John Kalodner. It was stange to work at Geffen istead of Atlantic. I love the song Ain’t That Just Like Love.

Do you think ‘Squeeze’ kept the same quality level as ‘Heart Like a Gun’?

It was very different. I think quality level is subjective.

Speaking about your new job now, ‘Unbroken’, I think it is a return of high quality, full of strength and energy. How was working with Robin Beck and James Christian?

A blast. Easy. They are so talented and they have a streamlined method of working which I really appreciated. I don’t like to mess around. I like to WORK.

My girlfriend has been suggested this question (I don’t know why :) ). Do you still have connection with Kip Winger? What do you remember the duet you recorded with him in the past?

Yeah. I’m seeing him on Friday. He’s the best and still very good looking. His musicianship is beyond imagination. He’s written ballets, orchestral pieces, rock songs. He’s everything rolled into one and very, very, funny. He’s also loyal and lovely.

What are the differences between the music business today and how it was in the eighties?

I’m doing something different, sticking to a specific genre and to a specific fan base so I’m not sure I’m the best one to answer this. I don’t know how people make a living or try to get a “deal” with a company.

A few days ago I was at a concert of House of Lords in Madrid, and many people talked about it would be great to see you live here. Do you have plans to present your latest album in Europe?

It is in Europe for sale. I just played in Switzerland and Germany. I hope to go to Spain, are you kidding?!!!! My cousin, Garrett Wall, lives there, has just performed with me and has a band: Track Dogs. He’s the one with the talent!

That's all. Thank you for your time, Fiona, and we hope to hear more about you soon! Regards from Madrid!

Thank you, Enrique !!!!!

Used under permission from the author