(Flanagan, born September 1961)

Of Irish origin, Fiona was born in Phillipsburg (New Jersey) after her parents moved from Dublin to the United States. Brought up in a family of Catholic traditions, right from childhood she felt drawn towards traditional Irish music and even learnt to play the clarinet at school. Even when she was awarded a grant for the University School of Drama in New York, she decided on a musical career, joining rock groups like "No Excuse" with Fritz Doddy.

The recordings which she brought to Atlantic with “The Dixie Dregs” and the mediation of the producer Jason Flom gave rise to her signing to this record company. She then collaborated on the soundtrack for the film “No Small Affair” with the track “Love makes you blind”. This song would also be included on her debut album entitled “Fiona” (1985), along with her first hit, “Talk to me”.

She carried out her first big American tour opening the concerts of Bryan Adams. From this era there are two unreleased vinyl recordings; one of the “WestWood One Radio Concerts”, to which “MediaLane International” holds the radio distribution rights for Europe, and the other of the “King Biscuit Flower Hour”, recorded in Halendale (Florida); both are collectors’ items.

Her second album “Beyond the pale” (1986) explores new sounds, producing a quite unusual aesthetic outlook for a rock album on production level. We can also find her on soundtracks, for example from the film “Quicksilver”, with a track called “Casual Thing”, and she also forms part of the list of artists who collaborate on the music for the film “Johnny B. Good”, with the song “If there’s any justice”.

We could also hear her on Howard Stern’s radio shows where she led some of the most brilliant interventions such as “Fiona Dial-a-Date”. She has also been a guest on programmes on MTV and ABC-TV.

Then came the appearance of Fiona on the small and big screen. She was signed to act in an episode of the series “Miami Vice” shown in 1986 entitled “Little Miss Dangerous”, where she brings to life the character of Jackie McSeidan. From the hand of Richard Marquand she played Molly McGuire in the film “Hearts of Fire” alongside Bob Dylan and Rupert Everett (1987), which produced the soundtrack on which we can find five of her tracks as well as the B-side of the single with an extra track called “Carry on”. That year she was offered to work in the movie "Light of day", with Michael J. Fox, but couldn't do it because she was starring with Dylan. Joan Jett did the role.

Her third album “Heart like a gun” (1989) contains a duet with Kip Winger on the track “Everything you do”; the B-side of this single is an extra track entitled “Calling on you”. Her videoclip achieved a large audience on MTV and earned her appearance in the video magazine “Metal Head” in 1990.

In 1991 she was found making a fleeting intervention in the film “The Doors” by Oliver Stone, where we can see her in the audience for just a few seconds. Even so, she appears in the end credits as “Fog groupie”.

For her last album, “Squeeze” (1992) she trusted again in the collaboration of her friend Laura McDonald and signed to Geffen by John Kalodner. The concept of Fiona as a soloist gave way to Fiona as a group, giving more prominence to the rest of the band who even appear in the album photos.

There are other recordings of Fiona in collaboration with other artists: Dweezil Zappa, Aldo Nova, Steve Stevens, Julian Lennon..., noteworthy is the appearance of the track “Lose the Night” on a Jack Ponti CD entitled “Vol. 1” which recovers old recordings by this composer.

Here there is a sudden halt in her artistic career; she concentrates on her family, finishes her university course in Business Studies and holds for some time her job in a well-known company, but away from the music circuit.

She was officially represented by Coallier Entertainment, has played a few times in clubs in 2003, and there is little clear news about her return to the music scene. All her records have been out of catalogue until in 2004, to the delight of many, the first two have been rereleased on CD by Woundedbird Records for the USA, the rest are still not available in the shops.

Star Fiona joined Kyla for one magical night in 2003, gracing the band with her rock-diva vocals and charm, at pub The Kell's (NYC). Next show with Fiona was dated on 2004, March 18, at Hog & Heifers Uptown (NYC).

In a recent interview, dated in 2010, she said: 'I still love singing ... I'm singing just for fun at local events or encores with friends who are giving concerts and ask me to do so'. In fact, many fans have seen her with John Eddie, Kip Winger, Bobby Messano and others, on stage.

The latent interest among rock music fans towards Fiona, some shows that she performs during 2009 and 2010, and the joy of creating new music, make possible the new CD 'UNBROKEN' coming to our hands in 2011.

The dream comes true.