Talk to me
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Love makes you blind
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American Bndstd
Talk to me + interview. 1985

Solid Gold
Talk to me. 1985

Live at the "Rochester Memorial" NY, 1985
(June, 25th) Audience recording. (43 min.). One wild night, You're no angel, Keeper of the flame, Nana song, Rescue you, (Jam and drum solo), James, Heaven on my mind, Talk to me, Hang your heart on me.

Living in a boy's world
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V66 TV Boston
Celebrity Open House

Miami Vice (NBC)
In the episode "Yankee Dollar" she appears as an extra for a moment. Chapter 35, second season.

Miami Vice (NBC)
In the episode “Little Miss Dangerous” she plays Jackie McSeidan, a killer with suicidal tendencies. Chapter 37, second season.

Hopelessly love you
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Hearts of Fire (1987, Lorimar)
Shown in 1987, this was our best chance to see her in action upon a stage, although this was within the fiction of a film. She plays Molly McGuire, a young and attractive woman who tries to make her way in the world of music and is discovered by Billy Parker (Bob Dylan), and enters into a love triangle with him and James Colt (Rupert Everett).
Director: Richard Marquand.

Spain UK Promotion

Hearts of Fire
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Making "Hearts of Fire"
(Getting to Dylan - Omnibus)

Metal Head Video Magazine
Premiere Collectors Edition 1990.

The Doors (1991, Universal)
She appears as a fan of the group; in the credits she features as “Fog groupie”.
Director: Oliver Stone.

Everything you do
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Where the cowboys go
Video Clip. Director: Jane Simpson. Musicians: Gene Allen (guitar), Nate Winger (drums), Laura McDonald (bass).

ABC in concert
Guest host in june 1992.

Video Collection 2009-2010
Bootleg. Cuts from Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh, Stone Pony, Xmas Xtravaganza 2009, Mexicali, BB King Club, Rotary Fest, Xmas Xtravaganza 2010.